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Career planning involves setting career goals that you desire to achieve in a selected field or occupation coupled with a well thought out plan to get you there. Regardless of your age, it is important to assess where you are if you are to meet your goals and turn your dreams into reality. Getting an education or a skill is the first step in working towards your career dreams.
Career Planning is important to you because it helps you discover your talent, skills and abilities and possibilities that you wouldn't have thought of. Many possibilities exist with any career you choose. Having a clear plan for your career can guide you to doing what you want to do in your life—rather than just aimlessly drifting from job to job.
The Career Placement test is taken by every student entering NCU to help them decide what career path suits them best. It is also a way to determine if they need help in deciding what course or career he or she will pursue. The Career placement test is particularly helpful in identifying if a student has difficulty in choosing the path to select after graduating from high school. Students who are unsure about their career path are usually referred to the Counseling Department for further consultation.
Career counseling sessions are accommodated on a first come first served basis. However, there is an exception for new students at the beginning of the semester when the first week is reserved exclusively for them.
Résumé and cover letter writing workshops are scheduled throughout the semester. (please see schedule for each semester). Additionally, students may bring their résumé to the Career and Employment Services Department at anytime during the semester for review.
You can get your résumé critiqued by one of our Career Specialists. Simply email your résumé to us at
Yes. Career resources are available in the Career Resource Centre in the department of Career & Employment Services.
Help is always available at the Career & Employment Services Department from any of our team member. You can also go to the seminars that will be held from time to time. Please see the events calendar for seminar dates.
Yes. Workshops are scheduled throughout the semester. You may visit or call our office, or even see the events calendar for dates.
You may visit the Career & Employment Services office for information on how to further your education and training. Our specialized staff are waiting to assist you. Once we know what is it that you really like to do, we will give you career guidance as to how to approach your career dreams.