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Career Planning Checklist...

The Career Planning Checklist is designed to give you year by year guidance on how and when to take steps necessary to ensure that you are venturing into a career field that is rewarding, suited to your interests and abilities, and one in which you can continue to find success. It is designed to capture your career planning progress. It covers all the requirements necessary for you to plan your career path for success.
The first year involves Self Exploration & Assessment. The second year covers all the elements needed for further Career Exploration. The third year guides your Career Decisions, and in year four year it directs your -Strategic Job & Graduate School Search.

It is important that you print this form and record all your career-related activities for each academic year of your programme. Ensure that all required signatures are obtained from the departments stated on the form, As soon as you have completed the requirements please return it to the Career & Employment Services Department at the end of each school year.

Career development is a life-long process; the sooner you begin, the more likely you are to make choices and decisions that will help you meet your long-term career goals.

We encourage you to use this checklist as a guide to your career planning.

Please print, complete and visit the office of Career & Employment Services at the end of each semester/school year, as necessary.

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